Book a Joogle Live event

Looking for something a little different?

Joogle Live is a great way to bring the entertainment directly to your audience, so they can be part of the experience. Your chosen Joogler will join you and your guests live on Zoom, or your chosen platform.

Whether it’s a corporate event or a surprise birthday party, everyone will be right there in the moment to create that special, lasting memory. All you need to do is choose ‘Joogle Live’ when booking your act.

Live performances FAQs

What’s Joogle Live?
Joogle Live is performed live on Zoom, rather than being recorded and sent as an MP4.

How do I book a Joogle Live?
Some acts don’t offer Joogle Live. Visit the page of the act you’re interested in seeing live and, if it’s an option, you can send a request.

Can I record Joogle Live?
Sorry, no. Just like when you visit a live show, it’s a one-time-only thing. Just sit back and enjoy!