Corporate Joogle FAQs

FAQs - Frequently asked questions

What’s a Corporate Joogle?
It’s a type of Joogle used by brands and businesses to create unique, personalised and memorable messages with star quality.

What’s the difference between a personal Joogle and a Corporate Joogle?
A personal Joogle is for friends, family, or even yourself – basically, personal use. A Corporate Joogle is for business use, like endorsing your brand, welcoming or thanking employees, sharing news, or something else commercial. Because Corporate Joogles have a different purpose, the costs and terms of use are slightly different. We’ll explain more about these below, and you can read our full terms.

How do Corporate Joogles work?
While most of our usual Ts & Cs apply, there are a few extra things to be aware of:

  • You’ll need to be a business (sole trader or registered company) to request one and will need all the relevant company rights and legal permissions to agree to our terms.
  • It’s up to our Jooglers whether they offer Corporate Joogles, and whether (or not) they accept your request.
  • To request a Corporate Joogle, you might need to provide details such as your company name, goods, and services, along with any specific products, services, or brands you want to mention. The information we’ll need is subject to change and sometimes, we may need a little more to go on before carrying out your request.

How and where can I use my Corporate Joogle?
We’re glad you asked. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • After payment, you’ll have a 30-day, worldwide license for your Corporate Joogle. We don’t take any royalties from your use, and we don’t pay any revenue if we decide to use it
  • Your license lets you use, reproduce, distribute, and publicly share, display, and promote your Corporate Joogle on:
  • One website
  • One social media account (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, TikTok or Twitter), plus any necessary advertising or promotion within that platform
  • One comms channel (such as an email)

In all of these cases, the platform or channel must be wholly owned, operated and controlled by your business – no personal accounts, websites or email address are allowed. You also won’t be able to sub-license the content (such as to partners or news websites) or use it on any other platform.

That’s pretty much it, but you might want to take a look at our Business Terms for all the legal details. Also, if you want to use your Corporate Joogle on extra platforms or for any other reasons we’ve already mentioned, there may be other costs and terms of use. It’s best to get permission first by emailing us at info@makemyjoogle.com

How long can I use my Corporate Joogle?
You’ll be licensed to use your Corporate Joogle for 30 days from the date of delivery. But, if you want to carry on using it after this point, it’s easy to extend your license. Just send us an email at admin@makemyjoogle.com before it’s due to expire. Likewise, if you’d like a longer license when creating a Corporate Joogle, just reach out, and we’ll see what we can do.

How can you remove the watermark from a Corporate Joogle?
Sorry, you can’t – the watermark has to be visible on all our Joogles and can’t be removed, altered, covered or cropped. It’s all part of our legal terms for Corporate Joogles.

How long will my Corporate Joogle take to create?
After you put your request in, your chosen Joogler will have seven days to make your content (unless they’ve told you otherwise).

Can I edit my Corporate Joogle?
We’re afraid not. The original message could completely change with editing, which our Jooglers have no way to approve.

How do I know which Jooglers offer a Corporate Joogle?
On the Joogler’s profile, you’ll see a panel showing the kinds of messages they offer. If they do Corporate Joogles, you’ll see the option listed.

How do I create a Corporate Joogle?
It’s easy. Once you’ve found your Joogler:

  • Send a request by clicking ‘Corporate Joogle’ on their profile.
  • Your Joogler – or their agent – will get in touch to agree your messaging.
  • We’ll create a custom order just for you.
  • When you’re happy, simply order and pay – it’s that simple!
  • Don’t forget: you have a 30-day license to use your Corporate Joogle.

What happens if I’m unhappy with my finished Corporate Joogle?
Sorry, we can’t return, refund or exchange your Corporate Joogle. Make sure you’re really happy with your order before you confirm and pay, and if you have any questions just ask.

What happens if my Joogler doesn’t send or can’t make my Corporate Joogle?
When you request a Joogle and make payment, the funds aren’t taken straight away, but held against your card as a reserve until the Joogler accepts. So, if they turn down your request for any reason, we’ll simply remove this hold from your card and you won’t be charged. If your Joogle hasn’t been filmed and sent within 7 days, we’ll look into it for you and send you an update.

Why do Corporate Joogles cost more?
As with most things business, there’s a bit of legal red tape involved to better protect the people involved. Corporate Joogles are also used commercially – and can have big financial gains for your brand – so this affects the licensing and (if you ask us) justifies a little extra in the price tag.

What’s Joogle Live?
It’s a special kind of Joogle, where you can be part of an exciting live experience with your chosen Joogler. It’s for both corporate and personal use — think business event, or to celebrate a party or wedding. You can read more about them on our Joogle Live FAQs page.

What else do I need to know?
There are a few more legal things to bear in mind, like:

  • You’ll need to provide accurate and true information in your request.
  • We don’t allow businesses to create content, or affiliate with a brand, person or product, that could be considered misleading, harmful or offensive. This includes things like hate speech, criminal behaviour and public disputes. We also ask for sensitivity around topics like religion and politics, and of course, absolutely no trashing or defaming your competition (or anyone else).
  • Your content shouldn’t infringe any other company, brand, product or person’s rights.
  • You’ll have to accept any relevant laws and rules (like the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Advertising Standards Authority and Direct & Promotional Marketing) when requesting your Corporate Joogle and ultimately, sharing your content.

Where can I find out more?
You can check our regular FAQs for answers to general questions like ordering, payment and cancellation. Or, if you’re still unsure about something, send us an email help@makemyjoogle.com