FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Have a question about Make My Joogle? We might have answered it already below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email help@makemyjoogle.com

General questions

What is a Joogle?
A Joogle is a personalised video performance or message. There are lots of performers to choose from, so it might be a song, a poem, a joke, a magic trick, or even a palm reading. Browse our acts here to get started.

Who is Make My Joogle for?
Everyone! Our Joogles makes a unique and thoughtful gift for people of all ages, tastes, and backgrounds. You could request a personalised song for your partner, an impression for a friend, a motivational pep talk for a colleague – anything. And if you have a celebration coming up, you can even browse our acts by occasion to find the perfect Joogle.

How much does a Joogle cost?
Price start from £30 for a shout out, but it all depends on the act and the type of Joogle you choose. Our acts set their own prices, and longer performance videos will typically cost more than short shout-outs. Acts also have the right to change their prices at any time. Before you make a request, you can check the price on the act’s booking page.

How do I order from Make My Joogle?
Go to your act’s booking page and choose a shout-out or performance. Add information about your lucky recipient (or yourself, if it’s for you) to help your act personalise your video. When you’re ready, send your request, pay, and wait for your Joogle to arrive.

How will I get my Joogle?
When your Joogle is ready, you’ll receive an email. Click the link to watch and share your video, or forward the link so that your recipient can watch it themselves.

When will my Joogle be ready?
It depends on the act and your request, but it’ll usually be ready within 7 days. Need something quick? Browse our express artists here to get a Joogle in 24 hours or less.

What format does my Joogle come in?
Every Joogle arrives as link that you can watch on your desktop or mobile device, or share with friends or family.

Can I keep my Joogle?
Yes – it’s yours to keep, love, and re-watch as many times as you like. It’s subject to a non-commercial and personal licence – read more in our Terms of Service.

Can I edit my Joogle?
No, please don’t edit your Joogle in any way – that includes removing the watermark. It’s against our Terms of Use.

How do I pay?
We take any major debit or credit card. When you check out we’ll place a pre-authorisation on your card, and we won’t charge you until you receive your Joogle.

What happens if my Joogle never arrives?
If your Joogle hasn’t been filmed and sent within 7 days, we’ll look into it for you and send you an update. The pre-authorisation on your card, which allows us to take payment, will also be cancelled.

Request questions

What kinds of requests can I make?
At Make My Joogle, you can request anything! You might ask for a personalised birthday song, special wishes for a big day, or a specific message. Browse our acts to find the right performer for you. Our acts have the right to decline any request, or suggest an alternative. Requests shouldn’t be offensive or abusive or go against our Terms of Service.

What information should I include?
The act will use all the information you give to make their performance or shout-out extra special. Include who it’s for, what you’re celebrating, and how to pronounce their name if you think that’ll be helpful. The more details you include, the more personal your video will feel.

Does my request have a character limit?
Yes – you can write up to 500 characters when adding information to your request.

Do I need a Joogle account to make a request?
Yes, you do. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Visit our registration page to get started

When I’ve requested a performance, can I talk to the act?
If the performer has any questions about your request, they might send you an email directly. Otherwise, you won’t speak to the act.

Can I ask for a song the artist doesn’t usually play?
You can always ask. Every act has the right to decline a request, and if they don’t know your song they might suggest something else instead.

Can I use Make My Joogle to promote my business?
Yes, but we treat corporate requests a bit differently to personal Joogles and they’re covered by separate Terms of Use. To see the cats that perform promotional videos, visit our Corporate page.

Where can I see my requests?
Go to your customer dashboard to track pending requests and see completed videos.

Can I cancel my Joogle request?
Unfortunately not – sorry. Make sure you’ve included all the information you need, and you’re happy with your choice, before you send a request.